Can your agent do this? Run, Dave, Run! 2013

Insurance agent on the run CrazyLegs? Crazy Dave.

Can your agent do this?  Maybe.

Have you ever seen such passion in the face of your insurance agent at the end of a race?(Ok, also maybe. Work with me here.)

Well, we're proud of Dave for deciding to improve his running (time and technique) as one of his fitness goals for the Team Harms Workplace Wellness Challenge!

Although we haven't officially started our Facebook fundraising "Run, Dave, Run!" campaign for the season, our Dave has been out pounding the pavement at run after run already.

This year, you'll see Dave and the rest of Team Harms at various events and blowing up fundraising efforts on BOTH the Harms Insurance Group and Wendt Harms Insurance Group Facebook pages!

You see, with our second office in Lake Mills well on its feet, we're planning to participate in events in and around Lake Mills in 2013 and beyond!  When we get started, we'd appreciate some love on the Lake Mills (Wendt Harms Insurance Group) side, to support the community there as we've done over and over again in and around Sun Prairie.

Here is a list of events we're already planning to rock:

The Sheriff Shuffle in Jefferson, May 18 BratFest Bun Run in Madison, May 25 Run for the Rock in Lake Mills, June 8 StrawberryFest Run in Sun Prairie, June 22

Dave wants to hear from you!  He's taking suggestions for upcoming events and is even looking for community members who'd like to don the Harms Insurance Group logo shirts and run alongside him!  Contact Dave if you have an event you'd like to see him run on behalf of or if you'd like to be an honorary member of Team Harms!

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