If You Give a Guy a Contract...(How to make sure your policy covers contract requirements)

(Or, if you give a gal a contract...we get contracts for review from both males and females!)

The gist of this little ditty is that if you're in the type of business where you're given a contract at some point, there are some things you should consider.  (To the tune of a fabulous children's book series.)


If someone gives your guy a contract,
He'll give it to you to review.
If you get it for review, you will want to read that contract.
While you read that contract, you will have questions about insurance requirements.
When you have questions about your contract,
You'll think about the resources at your fingertips.
While you're thinking about the resources at your fingertips,
You'll decide you need a coffee.
Once you have your coffee in hand,
You'll return to your contract, and remember that you had some questions.
While looking for the answers to your questions,
You'll remember that you have an independent agent.
You know your independent agent wears nifty sweaters,
And that they know a few things about contract requirements.
So you decide to throw on your sweater
And email that contract to your independent agent for a coverage review.
That independent agent is going to tell you that you're smart,
Because asking your independent agent about contract requirements will save you hassle later on.
Now you're smiling, because your independent agent thinks that you're smart.
Which reminds you that you like your independent agent because she's friendly AND helpful....
And knows exactly how to answer your insurance questions about that contract.
She tells you that there are requirements for additional insured status,
And you remember that you have that coverage built-in on your policy.
There are also requirements for primary language,
Which reminds you that you need to vote next week, so you add it to your calendar.
After you add the election to your calendar, you add the cost of primary language to your bid.
When your independent agent notices that there are waiver of subrogation requirements,
You remember that those are $50 in the state of Wisconsin.
You're cool with that.
Because you're smart, and you asked your agent first,
And you can add that amount to your bid and wisely pass along the cost.
When you're done patting yourself on the back for a job well done,
You thank your helpful, friendly independent agent.
Then you remember your coffee.
And when you finish with your coffee, you wrap up the details of that contract.
And then you get yourself a muffin.


Inspiration for this post based on our adoration of "If You Give a Moose a Muffin" by  Laura Numeroff.