Raise a 2013's ColoniALE Fest!

Have you found yourself lately wondering…”What can I possibly do this weekend that pairs my love of craft beers with my love of supporting the local community?”

You have??  You. are. in. luck.  beer-wine.jpg?w=584

This Friday evening, November 8th, our friends at the Colonial Club are hosting a fabulous event, their 3rd Annual ColoniALE Fest!  This year’s tasting selection includes 73 beers from 38 breweries and 13 different wines!

You can be rest assured that the beer or wine in your hand is doing good for the community.  Don’t wait!!  Get your tickets right HERE.

Community event

So come, join us.  Raise a glass at ColoniALE Fest on Friday.  And if the need arises, we encourage you to take advantage of the taxicabs that will be available.  Your safety is our priority.

Lake Mills, Tyranena, Matt Harms

(And when you see Matt, be sure to congratulate him on his half-marathon!)