Team Harms Workplace Wellness: A Note from Nancy

I am privileged to be a part of the Harms Insurance Group Corporate Wellness Program this year. As a Dietary Manager, Personal Trainer, and Group Fitness Instructor, I see how much a healthy and happy person affects the people around them. It's contagious

When you feel good in your life, (which includes home, work, school, a good night sleep, and many other aspects of life) you can manage life's stresses with a sense of priority.  When you can prioritize, you feel better, are more productive, and have less negative "stuff" going through your body - especially the brain.  The brain is the center of all things.  It controls movement, thought, speech, emotions, hormones, and every other process that makes us human beings.

When you are beaming health, happiness, and productivity, you set an example for others around you.

Think about when someone in your workplace is having a "grumpy" day - how does that affect others?  When you feel good - both inside and out - you won't have a "grumpy" day. Think of it this way - when you are really sick for two days and you wake up on the third day feeling so much better - how do you feel?  Don't you feel like you want to go do everything you can because you feel so good??

As we make our lives healthier through proper diet and exercise, we get that "I want to do everything" mentality because we really do feel good - all the time.
Our brains get healthy, which makes all of the other functions of our bodies healthy.  We become brand new again - like a car that just got an oil change and a car wash.

So think about how you feel - physically, mentally, emotionally - and then decide right now if you want to feel better.
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Start now - not Monday, not tomorrow, not when the weather gets better - but now.  Better health means better insurance rates, fewer accidents, more energy, more productivity.  You CAN do it!

Nancy HillCertified Dietary ManagerPrairie Athletic

Thank your for guest posting, Nancy!  If anyone has further questions or comments for either Nancy or Team Harms, give us a shout!