Team Harms Workplace Wellness: Nicole's Journal (Installment #3)

I came across this question on Facebook the other day and it grabbed my attention right away. I eagerly answered it, but then realized that my Workplace Wellness journaling has been...well, scaled-back from where I originally wanted it to go.

The question was simply "What time of day do you like to work out?".

It's not that fitness has been on the back-burner for us here, though.  We've all been steadily moving toward our personal goals and kicking butt!

See this?  (Impressive, but it lasted merely seconds. This move was TOUGH!)Workplace wellness, plank, ball plank

My fitness goals for 2013 were all exceeded at our October fitness test.  I've been blowing my own mind at how much I can do when I have something I want to accomplish and truly how strong I've become.  Of course, meeting those goals has upped my personal ante and now I have refined goals set for myself (Chiseld abs? Yes, please!), which is the beauty of our workplace wellness program.  Personal goals are set, met, re-evaluated, and we continue to further better our health and fitness.

I'm not the only one here that met their annual goal early.  Remember Dave, from our Insurance agent on the run"Run, Dave, Run!" series?  His goal was a half marathon and he NAILED it!  Now he's got his bar set higher for the rest of this year and going into 2014.

Do you set personal goals (fitness/health or otherwise) for yourself?  Would you like to learn more about our workplace wellness program?  We're happy to share all that Team Harms has accomplished--just contact us!