Time is Money.

Time IS money.  Especially when it comes to delayed reporting of workers' compensation claims!

Listen up, business owners!  Delayed reporting of workers' compensation claims could have a significant impact on YOUR bottom line.

Workers Compensation Claim Cost

                                                   Early Reporting = Cost Control.

When claims are submitted straight away, adjusters can help mitigate claim costs by:

  • Keeping claims on track
  • Building rapport and encouraging cooperation with injured employees
  • Finding return to work solutions to minimize indemnity costs
  • Expediting access to specialists
  • Completing full investigations to reduce potential for fraud and litigation

Work with your agent to utilize loss control services that may be available to you at no additional cost--and format a plan to keep your work comp premiums in check!

We can help!  If you're a client and need assistance filing a claim, call our office or find your carrier's Report A Claim form on our website,!